Hunter Foods

Hunter foods based in Dubai manufactures and distributes its own brands: Hunter’s Gourmet, Hunter, Safari, Aladin and Alibaba.

I have tried the Hunter’s Gourmet, Hunter, Safari, Aladin and Alibaba chips. Most of their chips are Gluten free, Halal. Non GMO, No Trans Fat, No Artificial Colors and flavours, No Preservatives, No Cholesterol and MSG Free. I personally love all their chips.

My top favourites were the Hunter’s Gourmet Beetroot chips, Mixed Fruit chips,Roasted Coconut Chips, Hand cooked Potato chips, Fruqbs,Rice chips and the Potato grills. They do have pretzel chips, Oats, Cereals. Granola, Salad toppings,Biscuits and Crackers which I haven’t tried yet. I shall soon try.

They are very light on the stomach and are healthy as well. Hunter foods can be found in supermarkets and hypermarkets.



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