Logma meaning “bites” in arabic is a casual dining spot for promising rich Emirati and Khaleeji treats. Logma is located at the BoxPark on Al Wasl Road, Dubai. Logma is a simple, fun and modern looking café with outdoor space as well. I visited Logma for the new menu launch and was amazed to see how they had a new approach to traditional Khaleeji cusine using the traditional ingredients and flavours.

The restaurant has a lively ambiance and family friendly space. They have good interiors with antique lanterns hanging from the roof and Camel patterns at the back of the chairs. The staff were hospitable and friendly and helped me pick the best from the new menu.


  • Dubai Nights: Mocktail with a combination of Blackberry, lychee and cranberry juice. This was so refreshing. (AED 35)

  • Melon Breeze: This Mocktail was a combination sweet melon, fruit nectar, passion fruit syrup and mint. It was refreshing but I found it a bit sour because of the passion fruit in it. (AED 32)

  • Karak Frappe: Karak Frappe is must try for all karak lovers. Highly recommend this one. (AED 30)

  • Logma shake: This a new addition to their menu. This shake is a combination of dates, banana and honey. This shake was tasty but a few sips can make you feel full. (AED 32)


  • Beef Samboosa: This was a new addition to the menu. It has a filling of spiced beef topped with pomegranate molasses. This was quite oily yet delicious. This is priced at AED 34 for big 4 samboosa’s.

  • Logma fries: this Is Logma’s signature French fries seasoned with Khaleeji spices and mixed with crisp herbs. They are so tempting and you just can’t stop yourself from having more. The portion is quite big and can be shared by two or three of them easily and is priced at AED 28.

  • Khaleeji Wings: Tangy, mild spiced fried chicken wings with homemade sauce and topped with some parsley is the one of the best chicken wings I have had till date. I totally loved it. (AED 38)


  • Logma Chicken Biryani:  A new addition to Logma’s new menu. Marinated tender pieces of chicken cooked in traditional khaleeji spices with aromatic biryani rice and topped with caramelized onions, dry fruits and nuts was delicious. This biryani is good for one person. (AED 55)


  • Traditional Lugaimat: Lugaimat are puffy sweet fried dumplings dipped in honey or syrup. It is the nation’s favorite dessert. The traditional Lugaimat was topped with date syrup and sesame seeds and it was a win. I totally loved it. (AED 34)

  • Chebab Katayef:  this was recommended by our server to try the chebab and I must say I was amazed. It is a Crisp chebab pancake, stuffed with mascarpone cheese and dates, drizzled with saffron cardamom syrup, and served with vanilla ice cream. (AED 42)

  • Date Pudding: Date cake topped with caramel sauce and vanilla icecream was the best date pudding. The date cake was soft and went very well with the vanilla icecream that was served with it. (AED 41)

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