Milas is the Emirati phonetic pronunciation of the classic “majlis” which refers to the welcoming space of a house. The restaurant’s tagline is “Food is Pleasure, Enjoying it is an Art”. I totally agree with it. This fine dining Emirati restaurant is located at the ground floor in The Dubai Mall. They have a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating. They have some of the best Emirati dishes.

I visited Milas for dinner along with my food buddy and we started off with the drinks Summer Sea Breeze  and Fresh Carrot juice. Both the drinks were fresh and refreshing.

For the Appetizer We had Dill Kashmiri, which is a round pastry with filling of potato, pulses, yogurt and garnishes with pomegranate. This was more of a Indian Chaat item, it was delicious. We then had the Chicken Shawarma bites which had the authentic Emirati flavour in it. The Shawarma bites were appetizing.

Moving onto the main course, I tried their signature dishes which was the Slow cooked Hunter’s Lamb Leg, Lamb Biryani, Rosemary Lamb Chops and Chicken Pasta. The main course was delightful. The slow cooked lamb leg meat was super delicious. I was in love with that dish. The marination was just so perfect.  I am not a Biryani fan, but the Lamb Biryani here had a different favour and the meat was well marinated in spices and cooked.  The Rosemary lamb chops come with french fries and are heavenly. I love lamb chops and I must say Milas is added to my list for some of the best restaurants that make amazing Lamb Chops. The Chicken Pasta was with the Alfredo sauce and had Chick peas and Chicken pieces in it. The pasta was done the Emirati way. The portion was great.

I wouldn’t leave any restaurant without having a dessert no matter how stuffed I would be. Milk Cake is trending at the moment and Milas had some interesting Milk Cake. Its the Sesame Chocolate Milk Cake. This cake was luscious. I enjoyed every bit of it. To end my dining experience I had the Milas Kunafa which had cream cheese in it. The Kunafa was a little cheesy but i enjoyed it.

The restaurant Manager Khalil and our Server Aiza made sure we had a great dining experience at Milas. The service is great. I am definitely going back there to try more of their signature dishes.

Cuisine: Emirati
Location: The Village, Near Ice Rink, The Dubai Mall

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are based on my own thoughts, knowledge and experiences.


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